Mother daughter headband lipstick heels gift set headbandana black reversible print stretchy lycra matching cookie empire kids handmade product
Mother Daughter Headband Lipstick Heels Gift Set
January 26, 2019
Cookie empire kids 4 piece baby knit gift set mustard 2019 winter baby set booties cardigan pop pom beanie and pants cotton machine washable full body shot of baby in mustard outfit
Baby Knit Gift Set
June 25, 2019

Pom Pom Knit Jumper


Cookie Empire Kids Pom Pom knit jumper in Mustard with Gold Mustard or Coral with Pink gold flecked Pom poms sewn into the Pom. 100% Cotton Machine washable soft as Butter! APPROVED BY Toddlers.

Sizing 6 months 4 years in two colour ways.

This is our first knitwear collection named ‘Cozy Collection’ as kids seem to love how soft it is. Cozy came from. 3year old girl. It stuck and so will this jumper on your child. Be it a casual outing or dress to impress.

The silhouette is long line so the bigger sizes can be worn as a jumper dress for the 1st season and jumper for the next. Getting two seasons out of a jumper is pretty these days. We are not about disposable fashion we are about quality, durability and handing items down to siblings and friends. We are also Limited Edition Designer Originals. These styles won’t be repeated so hurry up and get yours now and don’t forget we do FREE Shipping!


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