Cotton Cot Cable Knit Blanket White Skulls Reversible
November 15, 2017
Baby Patch Pants Black White Skulls
November 20, 2017

Baby Patch Pants Black Camouflage


Patch Drop Crotch baby pants. Black with Camouflage Double Bum Patch. Supplex Lycra and Cotton Elastane size 0000 Newborn to size 2 years. Cookie Empire Kids Unisex Designer Baby Clothes SKU62111029S Unisex fashion item.

Pant Features:

* Double bum patch for comfort on cold/hard surfaces

* Stretchy enough baby pant that fits over cloth nappies

* Thick Elastic waistband for comfort

* Shape holding or relaxing fibre lycra fabric

* Soft cotton feel that’s breathable and odour resistant!

* Fabric for All season like your sportswear Mumma!

Fabric Features:

* Supplex Lycra is Breathable sports fabric

* Natural Cotton Feel

* Faster drying than Cotton

* Crease Resistant

* Anti Pilling Durable Fabric


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