Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper
Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper

Pom pom Girls Knit Jumper

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Cookie Empire Kids Unisex Knitwear - Pom Pom knit jumper in Mustard with Gold Mustard or Coral with Pink gold flecked Pom poms sewn into the Pom. Dark hair and dark feature girls look nice in the mustard colour and fair skinned, fair hair in the coral pink jumper. Looks so beautiful on as well as soft. Girls love them!

100% Cotton Machine washable soft as Butter! APPROVED BY Toddlers. Sizing 6 months to 4 years in two colour ways. This is our first knitwear collection named ‘Cozy Collection’ as kids seem to love how soft it is. Cozy came from a 3year old girl. It stuck and so will this jumper on your child. Be it a casual outing or dress to impress. The silhouette is long line so the bigger sizes can be worn as a jumper dress for the 1st season and jumper for the next. Getting two seasons out of a jumper is pretty cool these days. Slow down fashion! We are not about disposable fashion we are about quality, durability and handing items down to siblings and friends.

We are also Limited Edition Designer Originals. These styles won’t be repeated!

Sizing: We start at 6 month for this item and go up to size 4/5 years. See our chart for measurements.

Features: Pom poms have specs of gold through them, making all little girls feel special. They are also knitted into the garment so will not fall off. Very soft and comfortable, not scratchy like some course cotton knits.

Specifications: 100% Cotton Machine Washable -comes in two colour ways Coral Red with Pale Pink gold spec pom poms + Mustard with Mustard gold spec pom poms. Very stretchy but retains its shape well, even when washing.

Designed for: Best for all year round temperatures: Can be worn in Spring/Summer on cooler evenings and days, Autumn/Winter Layered over T-shirts, shirts, wool garments or singlets.

Nature Statistics/Transparency: Made in a knitwear factory in India our partner for this project was sourced through Australian export advisors and is a fair work environment with 100% compliant unit and has SEDEX Compliance and BSCI Compliance. Offering fair renumeration and hours, no child labour, no bonded labour (with holding passports etc), no discrimination, rights of freedom, social management and workers protection.



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Cookie Empire fabrics, supplies and suppliers are sourced locally and internationally. Our quality and product is something we really care about and we source the best makers and materials for the job to handle the situations you and your little ones may put them through. Fabrics are something we are passionate about and you will always have the highest quality, sourced as close to home as possible and we support fairwork and care about reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable lifestyle. We upcycle where we can and put offcuts back into productions or donate them to children's pre-schools for textural and craft purposes.

Slow down your fashion by reducing what you need, swapping out what you don't use to friends and family and recycling anything you don't need to charities and people in need #reducereuserecycle


  1. Don’t buy too many small sizes before your baby is born, the small sizes won’t fit for long. Then buy wisely to get best value for money. Gifting? choose NB, 9 months and 18 months as there is limited supply in these sizes in the market. Often 18months falls into 12 or 24months thus making it too big or too small for your little one. Size 9months often falls into 6 months or 12 months. again same problem, too small or too big.
  2. If you choose one size ahead of your baby’s actual age or can be wearing sizes bigger than their age - if gifting check how big the baby is before ordering smaller sizes as some babies are bigger and grow beyond their age.
  3. When sales are on choose clothes for the coming months. Take the season into account. If your child is 9 months in July, buy clothes for 18–24 months anticipating the following winter.
  4. Babies grow very quickly and favourite clothes are often outgrown long before they’re worn out so don’t remove the tags just yet until you need the item. Then pass them on, sell them or re-gift them.


Our Unisex Baby Patch Pants combine the traditional feel of cotton with modern fibre technology.

This range specifically caters for active busy lifestyles. Supplex® has the benefits of Nylon with a superior Cotton handle. Supplex® is ideal for little movers as it is breathable, faster drying than Cotton, crease resistant, anti pilling and durable.  It also has the added benefits of feeling like natural Cotton due to the jet air textured Nylon yarn which is used. Additional benefits of this LYCRA® product is it holds shape and retention, which is an essential requirement or clothing that gets trashed within 10mins on a childs busy day.

  • Fully Breathable
  • Moisture wicking properties
  • Odour resistant
  • Great stretch with shape retention
  • Faster drying than Cotton
  • High colourfastness values
  • Airjet texturised
  • Exceptionally soft handle
  • Anti pilling and durable
  • Easy care
  • Crease resistant
  • Branded LYCRA®


  1. Cold hand wash or gentle machine wash with mild detergent.
  2. Do not soak.
  3. Do not bleach.
  4. Do not spin dry.
  5. Do not dry clean.
  6. Do not iron.
  7. Do not tumble dry.
  8. Line dry out of direct sunlight.
  9. Avoid any rough surfaces such as pool edges, dancefloors or rough ground in general.
  10. Do not pack or store when wet.
  11. Remove any excess water and dry without delay.
  12. Avoid excess contact with suntan lotions and harsh chemicals sometimes found in saunas, spas and pools.
  13. Avoid excess contact with harsh chemicals such as deodorants, make-up or perfume.
  14. White and pastel colours, and light weight garments may appear transparent when wet.
  15. Although the best possible dyes are selected worldwide, the fastness of some shades must be treated with caution. Particular care should be taken with contrasting colours in the one garment.

Cookie Empire Knitwear is Designed in Australia and made in a fairwork factory.

We source our factories through an Australian Sourcing Company and our knitwear maker is 100% compliant unit and has SEDEX Compliance and BSCI Compliance. Offering fair renumeration and hours, no child labour, no bonded labour (with holding passports etc), no discrimination, rights of freedom, social management and workers protection.

Our garments we designed are using 100% Cotton Flat knit. They are machine washable and easy care, with an exceptionally soft handle like butter! Definitely a nice gift for your love ones, friends and family xx

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Cookie Empire Knitwear Collection

  1. Cold hand wash or gentle machine wash with mild detergent.
  2. Line Dry Flat to avoid stretching.
  3. Do not soak.
  4. Do not bleach.
  5. Do not iron.
  6. Do not dry clean.
  7. Store on a shelf or draw, avoid hanging as it will stretch the knit down.

Cookie Empire Custom Handmade 3 Layer Cloth Face Masks

Cookie empire 3D Origami 3 Layer fitted Cloth Face Mask Covering is shaped in the pattern making process to create minimal gaps to the nose and mouth. Fabric goes under chin, close to the ears and above the nose. It’s also pleated to stand out around the mouth and nose for comfort. We use 3 layers, 1 cotton and 2 of chiffon as per current recommendations.
  • The Chief Health Officer recommends a mask made of three layers of a mix of breathable fabrics to ensure adequate protection, any face covering is better than none. https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/face-coverings-1159pm-wednesday-22-july
  • 1 x Cotton quilt outer layer – tightly woven natural fibre - breath ability good, comfort excellent. Not wrinkle resistant. But is cooling. Machine washable.
  • 2 x Chiffon tightly woven inner layers – synthetic fibre – breathability good, comfort excellent, wrinkle resistant yes, cooling.
  • Trimmings used are cotton cord which is biodegradable to protect our planet and save your ears. It also doesn’t break down as quickly over time with constant washing.
  • Using combination of cotton (top layer) and chiffon (centre and lining) it is likely more effective as it creates a filtration efficiency that holds a static charge because of the double barrier and combination of materials.mechanical and electrostatic.
  • This combination is said to filter out 80-99% of particles, depending on the droplet size.
  • Our combination and chosen fabrics is based upon the study performed on filtration efficiency and the effect of layering with various fabrics and the combinations at different flow rates.

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Cookie Empire Cloth Face Masks

    1. A cloth mask won’t last you all day if you continue to breathe into the mask as your breath will gradually damped it. One it is damp it will lose its effectiveness/becomes permeable so its easier for the virus to pass through.
    2. A cloth mask should be washed each day after use. If it is visible dirty or wet in your day, do not continue to wear your mask; it needs to be washed.
    3. Once you are home take your mask off, remove any disposable filter inserts and throw them away. Fold your mask and put straight into the provided Cookie Empire washable bag for laundering.
    4. Don’t forget to clean your hands after removing her mask!
    5. Masks must be cleaned with detergent and in a warm/hot wash cycle (minimum 32C 90F) in a washing machine.
    6. Leave to air dry completely before it is used again.
    7. Hang in the sun for a few hours after the machine wash is the best solution.
    8. Bleach is not recommend it will ruin the colour and integrity of the mask.
    9. After washing you can iron the mask back into shape on a low cotton setting. Use a fabric scrap between mask and iron to help lengthen the life cycle of the garment.
    10. Keep a paper bag or zip lock bag with you to carry fresh face coverings to keep them clean.
    11. When to replace the mask? After repeated washing the integrity of the fabric may thin over time. If your cloth does not fit snug on your face (you breath is coming out of the sides). There are holes in your mask. Or the mask is fraying. If this happens it’s time to replace the mask.

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